Spamming for a good cause – #LiveAmazing

There are fundraisers happening right now – RIGHT NOW! – all over the internet to benefit the family of The Amazing Alyssa D – all of these are run by friends of the family, proving that the internet can be a truly wonderful place.

Proceeds will help fund funeral costs, a headstone for Alyssa, and anything after that will go towards the family’s idea to start a #LiveAmazing campaign in Alyssa’s honor. So please, check it all out, here’s the list, and thanks!

#LiveAmazing #AlyssaD
#LiveAmazing #AlyssaD


Angels for Alyssa D Fundraiser:

This is a Facebook auction, chock full of handmade with love goodness.  If you love handmade items, or are a crafter, check it out – items include patterns, fabric, yarn, handmade children’s clothing, and so much more!  Check out the photos here… 


Jamberry customs fundraiser:

Jamberry is a this really nifty way to wrap your nails in all sorts of cool prints.  So if you love a good manicure, check them out!



An Origami Owl fundraiser:

Origami Owl is a social selling jewelry business. Create a Living Locket with custom designed charms that tell the story of your life and represent the things you love.


Younique Fundraiser:

3D Lashes, make up, foundation and more!


If none of those items are to your liking, there’s other ways you can donate to the family…

PayPal donations (100% of proceeds to family)

FundForAlyssa @ gmail . com

Go Fund Me (92% of donation to the family, 8% to GoFundMe’s fees)

OH, and I nearly forgot to add my new Starbuck’s Challenge that I posted on the Facebook page!

If you go to Starbuck’s (or any sort of coffee shop) today…or heck….this week…I have a new Starbuck’s Challenge for you.

My challenge for you all this week is to go to Starbucks and “pay it forward” by buying a coffee for the next person in line – or next three – or next five – your choice. Ask the barista to write #LiveAmazing on the gifted cups of coffee, and then post about it here. (Don’t worry, baristas are asked to write stuff on cups all the time, they will be able to play along!)

Why #LiveAmazing? In honor of my friends daughter Alyssa, who passed away last week. That little girl lived an amazing life in seven years, and we just want to remind others to #LiveAmazing too.

Why Starbuck’s? Well, because we all know that parenting requires a bit of a caffeine boost, especially if your child is like Alyssa, who was an early riser!

So go do this. I will too. We’ll all post pictures and bring a little caffeinated smile to someone else’s face.

Oh, and share this as well. Spread the love. #LiveAmazing