Words and meds and more words

This has been the Summer of the Seizure Meds – or “The Great Weaning Experiment”.

After her latest EEG showed no seizure activity, we went ahead with attempting to wean Maura off the seizure medication she’s been on since December of 2007.

When she started on the seizure meds, I noticed that her balanced improved greatly and she started speaking more.  Now that we’re weaning her off them – I’m noticing she’s talking more again.

Funny how that works.

We’re down to 2 mls twice a day, which is probably less than what she originally started on all those years ago.  Last night, as she chattered away, giggling and laughing and being so very “on”, my husband joked “Can we put her back on the meds, just to chill her out a little?”  Because holy cow!  Usually at night, she’s tired.  These days, she’s wide awake.  (Of course, that could be because she’s being allowed to sleep in every morning.  The girl is not a morning person, never has been.)   And the words are coming out more.  Oh, she’s not suddenly “normal” – she’s not bursting with newfound maturity to a degree.  She’s still Maura.  But the words – the songs. She’s singing along with songs much more.  And speaking lines from movies (not in an echolalia way, just along with them) – needless to say, if I say “He’s a llama!” she can say “He’s supposed to be DEAD!” – yes, “The Emperor’s New Groove”, why do we even HAVE that lever? Also, singing along with all of “Let It Go” and My Little Pony songs I didn’t even know she knew.

Knock on wood, but I think it’s going well.

She’s still a bit of a squirrel, still has her opinions and tantrums, but we also have more words.  More words in a row. It’s a gift that I’ll take.

she can't really read yet...but she loves books just the same.
she can’t really read yet…but she loves books just the same.


Oh, and Maura decided that she wanted her hair cut.  Why yes, I immediately jumped on that before she did it herself, lol!  We’re back to a bob, and she loves the feel of it on her shoulders.

Happy with her haircut