Music Monday – Janet Devlin

I’ll be honest – I’ve watched about seven minutes total of “American Idol”.  I never really get into those types of shows.  But when we were living in Ireland, and Josh was gone one night, I caught myself watching “The X Factor” 2011 UK auditions.  And this little girl from Northern Ireland came on, and I found myself watching the whole season because I wanted to see where she’d end up (and then, found myself really liking several of the singers that year.)

It’s not that she has the most perfect voice, or the most amazing range – it’s that her voice is so very unique.  I am a sucker for unique. And she now finally has an album out, of which I’ve placed on my Spotify playlist and listened too way too much – enough that one of the teen boys said to me “Did I hear you play Janet Devlin the other day?”  Why yes, yes you did, thanks for noticing!

So I’m sharing her with you all – because I want to see her do well. I want to hear more of her music.

First – “Wonderful”


And “Whiskey Lullabies”


As always, support your local musician and buy their music.  Janet’s album “Running with Scissors” can be found on iTunes and Amazon here in the US as well as the UK…lucky us!