I got nothing

For two days, I’ve been trying to come up with a blog post.  But it seems the children succeeded in destroying all the brain cells over the summer.  My brain is mush.

It’s a bit sad, I had plans on being Productive once children went back to school.  Instead, I’m sitting here in a “Man, I hate waking up this early” coffee fueled haze, thinking of all I should do, and really just wanting to binge-watch something on Netflix.

The tiny dog is enjoying my sluggishness.  We took a lovely nap yesterday (considering I got five hours of sleep because I was worried I’d sleep through two different alarms, so woke up at 5:15 am).

<this blog post was interrupted by a tiny shivering dog, who needed a sweater because the weather switched from Summer to Autumn the day after some woman shaved most of the hair off the tiny dog.  Tiny dog was snuggled, and made a comfy nest of warmth to hang in while the woman contemplates making a tiny dog holder, maybe a sling so the tiny ridiculous one will stop rolling off the woman’s lap as she tries to type>

It is funny how it’s only been one day of school and suddenly we’re on Fall Schedule, weather included.  After a warm and sunny summer, it poured rain yesterday.  There was also thunder and lightning, rare for the PNW.  Maura was quite excited by the thunder.  Zoey (big dog) was not as enamored.  We got to hear the sounds of pine cones hitting the roof and deck as well.

As I was only emotionally prepared for the start of school, I realized yesterday morning that we had none of Maura’s beloved Mac and Cheese for her lunch.  She actually loves all sorts of food but is a stickler about what her main lunch item is.  I somehow conned her into a roast beef sandwich, and was happily surprised to see she ate it.

This morning, she was less than perky, and balked at the idea of any kind of sandwich other than Nutella.  I told her how she can’t have Nutella at school, it would make her friends sick.

It seems Maura could care less about her friends.  Luckily, I care enough for the both of us, and she got jam sandwich instead.  She also hated every snack I put in the box.  Then she turned her nose up at the hot chocolate I made for her that she said she wanted.

The good news is, Wednesdays are early release days, so if she doesn’t eat lunch, she’ll be home by 12:30 and can eat then.

And that there is a snippet of my exciting life.  It’s like having jet lag, without the fun souvenirs and travel tales.

Now, here’s a picture of part of Maura’s outfit today.  Behold the many colors of Maura.  She was quite proud of them all.