Starting off with a bang

Well, we’ve been in school for a full week and Maura’s decided to keep them on their toes.  I keep getting notes of “Lots of “no” today” and “Difficult time this morning”.  We’ve also now been told she can’t wear her Crocs to school because she decided to kick them off and go barefoot and was stubborn about this.

Of course, the little stinker came home, Crocs on, and kept those suckers on her feet ALL EVENING.

She also told us she had a good day at school.  A good day making her teachers earn their paychecks apparently.

I know it’s wrong, but I kind of laugh at it all.  I mean, what can you do?  Maura’s maturing, and yet not, so there will always be difficult times.  She likes doing her own thing, so she is bound to be balky getting back into the school routine.  Extended School Year (ESY) was not offered to us, so there was nothing to keep that routine in place.  And let’s face it, she’s my kid, and my mother tells stories about how I gave teachers hell, so she’s just keeping up with the proud family tradition.  Right?

It’s also funny how once again, she’s doing the opposite of what the others did.  When my other three were little, they were model students, then came home and were cranky beasts to me.  That’s actually quite the norm with little school kids adjusting to school life.  Maura has decided to do the opposite – she’s being a brat at school, then comes home and is the perfect child.

Part of me is really happy about this.  I couldn’t deal with cranky right now.

And I will state – we’re doing our best to make sure things go well at school.  We make sure she gets enough sleep.  We make sure she gets breakfast in the morning (today’s breakfast was a granola bar and eggs – yay protein!).  We send a full and relatively healthy lunch.  She gets cranky when hungry, so I’d rather extra food come home than her be hangry.  We make sure she poops (because not pooping makes her cranky too).  We’re doing our best on this side of things, I swear.  I will do what the teacher asks to make her life easier, even if it means Maura can’t bring her big My Little Pony dolls to school (she can bring dolls)…or finding a matching pair of socks so she can wear gym shoes instead of Crocs to school.

Hopefully she’ll settle down once she gets a hang of the routine again.  Otherwise, I may suggest that if they want a more cooperative student, allow Maura to start school at 9 am instead of 8 am.  Because she’s really not a morning person.  And every note home confirms that.

Not a morning person
Not a morning person