Where are the siblings?

There's a short mom behind those tall boys
There’s a short mom behind those tall boys

I know I blog mostly about Maura here.  Mainly because she doesn’t care what I write about her.  She doesn’t have a self-conscious bone in her body.  Even when she plays at being self-conscious, it’s theatrical and in a way that just draws more attention to herself.

But my other three children….they care a bit more.

Hence why they don’t make many appearances here on my blog.  When they do, it’s usually with their permission, or it’s something mundane enough that they don’t mind me sharing.  Sometimes, when something truly bizarre happens in our household, they’ll say “Are you going to blog about it?”  Even now, my older daughter is probably reading this.

So for their sake, I don’t post about them much.

They have enough going on in life.  They’re teens, they have enough going on with their lives even in a normal sense that they don’t need their mom going off about them on a blog.  Because they have Maura as a sister, I am even more aware of trying to keep some areas of their lives as normal as possible.  They deal with so much, put up with so much, have had to make sacrifices.  The last thing they need is mom rolling her web-based eyeballs at them on the blog.

They’re teens.  They’re frustrating and fabulous and have great and horrible taste in tv shows.  The geek factor is high in our household as well – watching “Doctor Who” is considered family bonding time, and we may have nearly come to blows over a rousing game of Settlers of Catan. They eat all the food, bring over friends to help eat more of the food, and I am still finding Nerf darts hidden in all corners of my home.

There are probably more Nerf darts than food in my house right now.

I may not mention them much here, but they are great teens.  Weird…definitely weird…but great.  The weird part is the fault of the parents – they didn’t have a chance of normal, not with our genetic pools – but they’re keepers.  They may drive me nuts at times, but when push comes to shove, and something happens with Maura, they’re the first ones lining up to help out, check in on her, worry about her.  Even though she throws fits on them when they don’t want to watch the same episode of “Dinosaur Train” for the 40th time in a row, or tries to steal the food right out of their hands, they treat her well.  Oh, they get annoyed with her, frustrated when she messes with their stuff, and other normal sibling things – and that’s good.  That’s normal for them to react that way to her at times.  She needs that in life.  Really, they’ve been her best teachers when it comes to how she should be acting. She has learned so much from their examples.  And even from the early days, when none of us understood what was going on with her, those three have always had her back.  They are her best friends, her teachers, her protectors – which is why I try my best to make sure that for now, they just have to be her siblings.

A failed attempt at a group shot, 2011, Cashel, Ireland.  They're all laughing because Maura was yelling "Ow! My butt!" after bumping said posterior.
A failed attempt at a group shot, 2011, Cashel, Ireland. They’re all laughing because Maura was yelling “Ow! My butt!” after bumping said posterior.


Our whole world in a way revolves around Maura’s disabilities – but at the same time, we work hard to make sure that her disabilities don’t smother us, and especially don’t hold back the other three children in our household.  Sometimes, it happens.  Sometimes, I just have nothing left for them, or we have to cut things short because Maura can’t handle it.  And I hate that. It’s one of those guilt things that comes with the territory I guess.

But for the most part, our household is a bit hysterical, in all the good ways, because of those three now teenagers, two of which are taller than me (which my husband would point out is a low bar, short person that I am).  And this year, I get to experience all sorts of levels of motherhood – my oldest has just started at the local college (so living at home, but still, college) and working part-time.  The second boy has taken up woodworking, so I get to worry about his fingertips.  The little teen girl can fit into my shoes, so we’ve had discussions about how we NEVER borrow Mommy’s shoes without permission or Mommy will cut you. I have now learned more about anime than I ever thought I could possibly care about.  There was an explosion with yogurt in our kitchen this morning that had nothing to do with Maura. Not as bad as the time one of them tried to melt an ice cube in the microwave, in a plastic cup that had the double wall filled with glitter water. And I haven’t had to call poison control for any of the older three in a long time (1-800-222-1222, if you should ever need Poison Control’s number – thanks to those three, I have it memorized.)

No, we’ve all matured past those times of drinking Fabreeze and using markers as make up.  Now we’re dealing with hair dye and talking about geek cons and college courses.

But there are still Nerf darts all over my house.

Some things you never grow out of.

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don’t ask
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