Lost in Decongestant

I just sat here for a moment, trying to remember what day it was.  My sinuses have decided to rebel against me, and whatever upper respiratory plague that has entered our household has seemed to only latch onto the females here.  All males are fine.

Maura has actually been the least affected, thank goodness.  This is her first illness since weaning off seizure meds.  A few years ago, she was the girl in the ER because an ear infection went rogue, and caused her to vomit up all medications, and having a seizure or two a day.  Since then, when she gets sick, we raise the awareness levels to Orange.  Or at least, my anxiety does.

But she was actually in a chipper mood…until the Xbox controller died as she tried to pick a new show off Netflix, and then had to throw the controller, then come sob on me because it was all “broken”.  I took her temperature – 100.3.  This was after I was down for the count and Miriam was coughing and complaining of a sore throat.

For once, fate has smiled upon us and after a couple days of pure misery on my part, partial misery on Mim’s part, and mood swings on Maura’s part, we seem to be on the mend.

Maura did sleep about…oh…twelve hours last night.  That had to have helped.

Meanwhile, I should probably not be on the internet.  I keep saying that, but I keep ending up on here.  I’ll probably offend someone greatly with a bad joke, or give out my password or you know, that nice man from Kenya who contacted me about needing to borrow my bank account, that seems like a good deal…

Wait.  No.  Probably not.

The one creature benefiting from all this is the tiny dog.  She’s enjoyed all the napping with people all day.  And my weird sense of humor kicked in when I realized that while I was feeling less than human myself, I was binge-watching a show called “Being Human” yesterday.

So that’s what we’ve been up to lately.  Send tissues and Nyquil