Halloween Girl

Maura has embraced some of the holidays – Christmas has been a big deal with her for a few years now.  And now, Halloween has made her hit-list.

She loves dressing up.  She loves candy.  It’s all been good.

But it was still a surprise to find her watching “The Nightmare Before Christmas” the other day.  Then watching it again.  And again. And again.

Sure, she loved the old Mickey Mouse cartoons about Halloween, and the Disney “House of Villains” compilation. But “The Nightmare Before Christmas” didn’t seem like a choice for her.

Except it is.

There’s lots of singing.  She loves singing.  So yes, it makes sense, in her own odd fashion.

I did wonder, how far does her love for Halloween stuff go?  I turned on “ParaNorman” for us girls to watch the other night, and she gnawed on her fingers the entire time. I think it was just a bit too intense for her.  Josh’s theory was that things like “The Nightmare Before Christmas” are definitely fantasy, while “ParaNorman” may feel too close to home.  When I mentioned “Doctor Who”, well, the theory is, there’s enough humor in that to get her through the scarier moments (though I’ve yet to see her truly scared at any moment of “Doctor Who” – even Weeping Angels don’t phase her.)

Of course, now I want to track down “Hocus Pocus” and find out what Maura would make of that movie.  But the question is, if she likes it, can I stand viewing it for the next two months straight?Meanwhile, we’re enjoying Live Action Frozen on “Once Upon a Time”.

As for Halloween itself, I don’t know what Maura will be this year.  I’m sure I could make her an Elsa costume and she’d be thrilled.  I’ve thought about a Rapunzel costume as well. Or possibly a Lilo costume to go with her Stitch doll.  Heck, we have a tweedy jacket, add a fez and a bow tie, she could be The Doctor.

The possibilities are endless with this girl!

Maura, Halloween Past.  She couldn't wait for the popcorn, lol!
Maura, Halloween Past. She couldn’t wait for the popcorn, lol!