Day 5 of my captivity….

The jailer is in a good mood, probably because her form of torture is so very entertaining to her.  I did try to wrestle her away from the torture device only to lose. I can feel my brain slowly oozing out one ear.  I don’t know how much longer I can last….

Maura’s still sick.  Barely.  Just a slight temperature, but enough to keep her home.  She’s in a great mood, but the constant stream of “Dinosaur Train”, “Winx” and “The Rescuers” has erased any knowledge I gained in college.

We did go to the doctor yesterday, to make sure there wasn’t some underlying cause for the fever.  Ear infections and strep were ruled out, but there is a virus going around and it seems to have gotten hold of the girl.  This morning she still has a very slight temperature, which means yet another day home from school.

We’ve hit the phase of me going stir crazy and her well enough to be strong-willed.  I’m also saying ridiculous things like “No, we aren’t watching “Mulan” in Spanish.  You can’t speak Spanish because I can’t speak Spanish.”.

(Maura is into turning on the closed captioning, and knows how to change languages on Netflix.)

(And it’s nothing against the Spanish language.  But if the girl decides to speak it, I will need to learn it first.)

I’ve now decided that I really need to learn how to bi-locate.  This way, I can be home with the little sicko, but also run out and go grocery shopping, or write, or do something besides plot the demise of every whiny little dinosaur on that friggen dinosaur train.