Monday Morning Pep Talk

Maura’s been having a difficult time in school, throwing and kicking and hitting.  Her teacher is great about keeping me updated, and knows that there’s not a lot I can do to fix the school behaviors – once Maura’s home, school’s done and forgotten.  We do our part, try to make sure she’s well rested and fed in the morning.

I did have a thought of “Well, maybe I can go over things with her while we get on the bus, about what’s nice and what’s naughty, and this way, it’s fresh in her mind when school starts.”

So this morning, as we stood waiting for the bus, I gave her a pep talk, which went like this –

Me – “Maura, do we throw things at school?”

Maura – “Yes.”

Me – “No, we don’t throw things at school, that’s naughty.” <pause to let that sink in>  “Do we hit people?”

Maura – “Yes.”

Me – “No, we don’t hit people.  That’s not nice.”  <pause> “Are you going to have a good day at school?”

Maura – “No.”



In related news, I asked at the IEP what their favorite types of wine were….