Random thoughts for this Tuesday night

1. If you were ever on the fence about Michael Caine’s acting abilities, watch “The Muppet Christmas Carol”.  Because dang, can he put in a moving, heartfelt performance surrounded by Muppets.  When Beeker gives him the scarf…<a single man tear>

2. I thought my computer was broken or hacked or messed with by Maura (okay, mostly the latter) because I went to log on, and my mouse was all over the place and every time I tried to click on a link, it would open a new tab.  I spent five minutes freaking out, running the virus scanner, getting frustrated…and then I noticed that a shortcut for the new tab was “control + n”…and it hit me.  I turned off my wireless keyboard, shook it upside down, got the crumbs out….yeah, sticky keyboard strikes again!

3. My friend got me one of those angel chime candle holder things when she went to Denmark.  She had no clue how happy she had made me because we had one of these when I was a child and it always came out at Christmas.  Sure enough, tonight, I pulled it out (for the first time, I’m ashamed to say.)  As usual, Maura was delighted with it all.  The teens however – who had never seen one of these contraptions – were also interested.  They also wanted to know – if it was Swedish, did it come from Ikea?  (No. Denmark.)  And what did Swedish people do when they saw an Ikea? (Duh.  Buy stuff.)

A picture of the elusive teens, lulled into a catatonic state by angel chimes and candles
A picture of the elusive teens, lulled into a catatonic state by angel chimes and candles


4.  I’ve been told that it’s unlucky to light candles with lighters. So we lit the angel chime candles with matches.  Just to be safe.

5. I’m out of Bailey’s.  This gives me a bit of the sad.

6. I still have pumpkins outside.  It got cold and snowed the day after Thanksgiving.  So the pumpkins stayed a little longer.  My neighbor still has hers out as well, showing solidarity.

7. Maura insisted we buy this green tinsel tree.  And lights for it.  With the lights on it, it’s a bit wonky, so it’s now my homage to Dr. Seuss, as it is very Whoville.

The lights also twinkle.  Of course.
The lights also twinkle. Of course.