My (tall) clone – #tbt

(in case you’re not sure what #tbt means, it means “throw back thursday”, where you post something from the past…carry on with your new knowledge…)

I posted a pic of my brothers and me, all Christmas 1975-ish, wee children that we were, and there was a slew of “OMG, Maura is your clone!” comments.

I never really got why people thought she looked SO much like me, until for my birthday, my mom sent me this photo…


…and I stood there, looking at the photo (which is a little fuzzy) wondering when my mom took a photo of Maura…in a tent…wait, we didn’t have a tent like that…and why is Maura wearing a Vassar shirt…wait, I had that shirt as a kid…wait, that is ME!

But you can see why I was thrown by this photo.


Yes, there is no denying that Maura is my child. But I never saw the striking resemblance until I mistook a photo of myself for Maura, lol!  Now, there will be no denying that anymore!