Happy freaking Friday

Maura got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  Her sister didn’t wake up on time either, so missed her own bus.  Josh drove Miriam to school, which caused Maura to flip out and go into brat mode.

The bus pulled up and Maura refused to get on.  Forget that, she refused to get within ten feet of it.  Instead, she threw a hissy fit and pulled away from me and ran back towards the house.

My choice was either wrestle her onto the bus or let her miss it.  I slept funny on my shoulder last night, so my neck and shoulder are all kinked up. She probably smelled my weakness and used that as an advantage.  I couldn’t physically get her on the bus without doing myself harm.

So I told the bus to go on without her.

Maura watched it leave and got quiet.

I think she finally caught the clue train.

She stood there processing what had happened.  “The bus isn’t coming back Maura.” I let her know.

“Oh no.”

“So, how are you going to get to school now?” I asked.

She stared down the road, thinking.  No more screaming hissy fits.  She is aware most of the time when she crosses a line. She has never not gotten on the bus before, never watched it leave without her.  Today suddenly became a learning experience, and she learned the consequences of missing the bus.

After a few moments of standing there in silence, she looked at me and said quietly, “Sorry.”

Josh pulled into the driveway and saw us there.  I explained what happened.  She got a stern talking to from her father about getting on the bus, then we guided her in asking us for a ride to school.  We drove her up there, walked her in, and she quietly behaved.

Of course, as soon as the aide tried to take her to class, she went into stubborn mode again, squatting down, refusing to walk with her.  The aide waved us on our way.

As we left the school, Josh said “We have to make sure we get them really nice Christmas gifts.”

I’m thinking gift certificates to a winery.  Or a margarita machine for the break room.  Those are appropriate, right?