The things I think while scrolling through Pinterest

I love Pinterest.  It’s my favorite time-wasting website of all.  But that said, there are certain thoughts that pop into my head while browsing through the site.

For instance, I love looking at home design pictures.  But then these thoughts run through my head…

“Is that supposed to be a kid’s room?  It’s too neat and has no Legos.  There is a whimsical rabbit portrait on the wall.  And a hand-carved wooden rocking horse.  Maybe it is supposed to be a kid’s room.  It must have been designed by a person who doesn’t have kids…”

“There are too many chevrons in the world.”

“White countertops – oh look, my worst nightmare.”

“Okay, that’s cool, but there’s no way I could just artfully stack stuff on my floor.  That’s for single people.”

“Seriously, could the chevron trend die already?”

“I need more yellow things in my house.”

“Stores with pallets must hate Pinterest.”

“For the cost of two pallets, the foam padding, and the chevron fabric, I could buy a real couch at Ikea.”

“Okay, I need a teal wall…and a teal couch…I wonder if Ikea sells teal couches….”

Meanwhile, over in the holiday section….

“I don’t have time for all that.”

“Seriously, who has time for all that?”

And in parenting…

“Ten things to do with your daughter before she turns ten…sigh…too late.”

“Twelve things you must do with your sons before they turn twelve – missed that boat.”

“How to potty train your 2 yr old in one day….ahahahahahahaa!”

“Where’s the “how to get your 11 yr old special needs kid to poop” articles?”

“I should have written “Go the F*ck to Sleep”…I could have…”


“Why are these four years old dressing better than me?”

Over in the fashion/style pins…

“Can we all stop pinning the jeans/sweater or tee/scarf outfits?”

“Contouring looks like something I would massively screw up.”

“Wait…is that a braid made to look like a bow?”

“Is that a braid made to look like a butterfly?’

“Is that a braid made to look like a Christmas tree???”

“I blame “Frozen” for all the braids.”

“Oh look, more tee/jeans/scarf styles.”

“Where’s the chubby short girl styles?  I need those!”

And in recipes…

“I’m going to pin healthy recipes!”

“Oh look a recipe for apple handpies with salted caramel.  I should pin that instead.”

“Why are we mashing cauliflower?”

“Oh look! A recipe for sangria! I should pin that!”

“Okay, I’ll also pin this avocado and tomato salad pin as well.”

“I shouldn’t even know what an Oreo ball is.”

“Make your own caramel iced coffee?  Okay, I probably never will but I’m going to pin it anyway.”

“Is it really a recipe if the first ingredient is a box of cake mix? “


“that looks really good…and really complicated…and really expensive to make…but really good…”

“Would anyone notice if I licked the computer screen?”

But in the Geek section…

“Ohh! Doctor Who reference!”

“Ha! A “Firefly only has one season” joke!”

“Oh! Supernatural!”

“Oooo…witty Sherlock joke..”

“I should probably watch Avengers…”

“Still not watching or reading Game of Thrones.  Don’t have time for all that.”

“Someday I will find that blasted wardrobe to Narnia!”

And one pin to sum up all of the healthy/fitness pin thoughts…