Christmas in full swing

We have all the Christmas crazies happening now.  I’ve been trying to wrap presents early mostly to keep Maura from ruining surprises for everyone after rummaging through my room.  And I did get some wrapped…only for her to decide last night to put them under the tree.

That’s a new thing for us.  Amazingly, she has yet to open any of them.  Nor has any dog decided to use them as chew toys.  Win/win!

But then Josh caught her walking away with scissors and plans to wrap a gift and ended her joy spree then.

Today however, I handed her some leftover tissue paper.  “Here, want some Christmas paper?”

“YES!” she said, snatching it from me.

She then grabbed an already wrapped gift from under the tree – one of her gifts actually – and wrapped it up some more before putting it back under the tree.

Guess which one she wrapped?
Guess which one she wrapped?


The room is filling up with all sorts of Maura creations.  She brought home a gingerbread house the other day.  It’s pretty awesome, with a fish pond and everything.  It now has a home on the side table.

isn't the fish pond cool?
isn’t the fish pond cool?


And today, she brought home some handmade ornaments.  Her teacher does those cookie ornaments.  We have the one from last year as well.  My mutant gingerbread people are becoming my favorite ornaments.

The one on my right is my favorite.
The one on my right is my favorite.


I did also manage to make and send in gifts for all of Maura’s classroom people, her teacher and the aides who work in the room.  I managed to knit five coffee sleeves in a very Maura color and put a gift card with each one.  Maura and I also stuck together the penguins to put on the front of each little gift box.  I was quite impressed with my small herd of teacher/aide gifts.  Even if I didn’t finish them up until this morning, and had to drop them off at school.  They were on time enough that the aide who works mostly with Maura was able to send home a thank you note.

The gift card coordinates with the sleeve - so not planned!
The gift card coordinates with the sleeve – so not planned!
How cute are these?
How cute are these?


Now I just need to finish wrapping gifts before Maura gets too curious and starts rifling through my room again.  And for some reason, I may have offered to let her help me wrap some gifts and bake some cookies.  Maybe we can make more mutant gingerbread people!