A phone feature that will help

I just got an iPhone 6.  It’s big and shiny and in an Otterbox because I like to play it safe.  I’ve been figuring out all the new features on it, and one of them is the health app that comes standard.

Photo Credit - Apple
Photo Credit – Apple

First thing I learned – I’ve been sitting too much lately.  Even though I’m not one to carry my phone around, I’m still not walking enough.

Then I noticed I could add all sorts of information – like what my copper levels are.  Um…okay…

Then I noticed the Medical ID portion – pay attention, this is where it gets everyday useful for me.

In the Medical ID part, I can use it like a medical id bracelet on my phone.  It can be accessed by emergency personnel (or anyone else) if need be via the “emergency” choice below the keypad on the lock screen.  So just like a person can dial 911 even though the phone is locked, one can also grab all the medical information I want to put on there.

So there’s different selections – your name, age, blood type, emergency contacts, allergies, medications, height, weight, medical conditions and medical notes.

This is where I got creative.

In the medical notes part, I put in Maura’s information.  As in “If with an 11 yr old girl, her name is Maura and she has moderate cognitive disabilities and has had epilepsy (though currently in remission” – and then the date.


Because Maura can’t really talk.  Maura and I go out a lot together.  This way, if for some reason, something happens to me – like say, I pass out at Target and EMS is called – the paramedic will hopefully be savvy enough to find this on my phone and be able to better handle Maura.  It is something that has worried me a bit, and I like to be prepared, so hopefully this will be another useful tool in that belt of preparedness.  Because from the app, a person can directly call one of my emergency contacts, people who Maura knows well,  versus trying to track down someone.

So if you have an iPhone or iPod – or your special needs kiddo has one – do this!  And then spread the word so that in case there is an emergency.  This can help!

To find out more about the Apple Medical ID feature, check out their page – whether or not you use iStuff, check it out.  It could help out a person in need.