The real first day of the new year

We all say it’s January 1st, but if you have kids, the first day of school is more the real first day of the new year.  Or so my friend and I decided on the phone this morning.  Everyone has gone back to school or work or both, and life gets back into its routine.

I celebrated by washing down my anxiety meds with coffee.  Woo fun!

This year, I didn’t really bother with new resolutions.  I started cutting out bad habits before the new year – like cracking down on my addiction to carbonated beverages of the high fructose corn syrup variety.  (Mmm…caramel coloring…)  I’m still working on getting published (got rejected by an agent but with good feedback that I shall remember as I revise the manuscript yet again.)  And I’ve already had my “not getting any younger” panic attack and have read a book I’ve been meaning to read (“When the Sea is Rising Red” by Cat Hellison – it went straight onto my “Keep Forever and Read Again” shelf.)

So really, the start of the new year means little things, like keep on keeping on, be more true to my self, resist urge to cut own hair (that could not end well), and take down Christmas décor while Maura’s at school because last year she had a royal freak out when she saw me taking down the tree. (See, there’s a “learn from past mistakes” vow I’m keeping.)

But really, right now I’m just enjoying not being interrupted and finishing my entire cup of coffee for once as I plot my novel revision before I go gather food for the masses.  Because we didn’t even have a granola bar left for Maura to take as a snack today.

Meanwhile, enjoy this little video of Hozier being surprised by a choir at a concert in Paris as he performs “Take Me To Church” – which is my new favorite thing and should be recorded (not to mention, how adorably touched is he?  And yes, Hozier is Irish.)