It’s been one of those weeks

Okay, so for us, it was still in the realm of “normal”.

First, Maura cut her thumb on her sister’s razor.  Because she was trying to use the razor case as a flip phone.  Of course.  The good news was, it didn’t need stitches.  And after a couple of failed attempts of bandaging it, Maura finally left the bandage on long enough to let the wound clot up (not before she bled all over the bathroom rug.)  Of course, this was the night I had places to be, so I spent some time after it all apologizing for being late here and there because I had to re-bandage the bleeding thumb and telling her brother what to do if the bandage came off again.

Of course, in the midst of this, I had this brilliant idea of a home healthcare service, where a trained medical professional comes to your house to stitch up minor wounds of the children, so you don’t have to drag them to the flu-ridden ER for a couple of stitches.  This could also have an extra service of determining whether or not your child who’s knocked their little noggin against something has a concussion or not.  I need this to happen please.

Then Friday morning, at five a.m. I woke up out of a dead sleep to the sound of vomiting.  I knew it was Maura, and got up to find her sitting on the carpeted floor, looking miserable as she vomited again.  All over the carpet.  Because this house is chock full of cream carpeting.  Luckily, I just bought a Bissell SpotPro Cleaner so I cleaned the carpet as Josh cleaned the girl up.  He took first shift, God bless the man, because she threw up again.

Yeah, I’m not good with vomit.  Not at all.  So Josh is the go-to guy when this happens, and I love him all the more for it.

Needless to say, Friday was canceled as we wandered about like zombies watching Disney movies with Maura.  I had plans with friends, but had to cancel those.


And then as quickly as it hit, Maura was better.  By Sunday, she was back to destroying one room as I cleaned the other, and playing with her dolls while fighting with her sister over the Xbox.  But then, as I sat for a moment, I heard the distinct sounds of the lid of a bathroom container clinking back on.  There’s only two things that are in such containers in the bathroom, and one of them is Q-tips.

Sure enough, I caught Maura with a handful of Q-tips.  Which lead to the question “Did you put something in your ear?”

Oh yeah, both ears.


I couldn’t get the white stuff, which turned out to be styrofoam pieces (which where she got those from, I have no idea), out with regular eyebrow tweezers.  But our long narrow medical tweezers (a gift from a doctor after he stitched up one of the boys, lol) were MIA.

First, I called Josh.  “Do you know where the long narrow tweezers are?”

“No…do I need to pick some up on my way home?”


Then I called a friend, who brought over two different kinds, and some knitting because hey, while here…

Meanwhile, Josh came home and asked “So, ears or nose?”  Because we’ve played this game before.  I had gotten most of the styrofoam out of one ear, he got it all out of the other, then we had to wait for Maura to chill to get the little tiny chunk of styrofoam still stuck to some ear wax out.  Go figure, the thing that got it out was a Q-tip.  Let me tell you, that moment was nerve-wracking because I was either going to nudge it out, or nudge it further in. I won that round.

Needless to say, we happily sent Maura off to school this morning.  Just so we can take a few moments to relax before it all starts up again.