Conversations with the teen girl

Our water line has decided to sprout yet another leak (because our house apparently  hates us), so Josh turned off the water to save some money while we wait for the property manager to get someone out here to fix it, and proclaimed we should just go out to eat to keep from dirtying dishes.

Yes, we’ve been down this road before.

As we drove to the Chinese restaurant, the teen girl announced that “If it’s not on the internet, it doesn’t exist.”

I said “That’s not true.  What about happiness?”

She tried to argue that you could find happiness on the internet.  I countered that you can find things that make you happy, but true happiness comes from the heart and from the mind (which I thought was quite the clever and wise response.)

My sweet little cherub of a teen girl then says “Well, you can buy brains and hearts on the internet.”

“Yes, but that’s illegal.” I said, giving up on being wise and clever.

Josh wanted to know how she knew brains and hearts were sold on the internet.  I told him these are things we really don’t want to know.

I should probably tell the teen girl she can’t sell hearts or brains on the internet.  Because it’s illegal.  And we’re not that kind of people.  We are a kind of people, but not that kind.  We have standards.