How I know we chose the right school district for Maura

Yesterday, the phone rang and up popped the name of Maura’s school.

It was her teacher.  “Hey, this is probably the only time I’ve ever called a parent to let them know how well their child pooped at school today.”

Yes, it was a “High-Five Poopy: School Edition” kind of day.

But seriously?  The past couple of years have been sort of held hostage by Maura’s bowel movements.  Not pooping makes her cranky.  And bloated.  And lord knows what else.  And the accidents!  OMG, the accidents!  I bought tablets that supposedly clean and disinfect the washing machine because…well…yeah…

And now?  Finally?  The switch has flipped a bit in our favor.  Maura is pooping like an actual regular person almost.  Pooping at school?  She NEVER does that.  NEVER.  And her teacher knows that enough to make a big deal phone call, high five for poopy, and allow Maura to change into the new school t-shirt that someone donated to the classroom as a reward (which is totally a reward, Maura is almost Kardashian-level when it comes to wardrobe changes.)

But that’s how you  know you’ve chosen well in your school district – when the special education staff know what huge accomplishments otherwise everyday things are.  Even when they’re floating in the toilet.

Yes, she earned that award!
Yes, she earned that award! (from her Dublin school time – another great choice!)