I wanted to help answer this mama’s prayers

I went to a small Catholic university back in the day, where I made some amazing friends and met my husband.  So many of us kept in touch throughout the years, and with the power of Facebook, I’ve been able to reconnect with other former classmates of mine, rekindling old friendships and creating new ones with the common bond of having gone to the same small university at the same time.

One former classmate is Susan Anne.  When I saw her name and photo on Facebook, I remembered her instantly.  We weren’t close friends, but as I said, it was a small campus, and you sort of knew everyone.  Susan Anne was one of those people who I remembered as sweet and smiling.  In getting to know her again in our alumni Facebook group, my memory wasn’t wrong.  She was still the epitome of a lovely person, and now, a mother to ten children, and still smiling.

I got to know Susan Anne better through the group we were in, and learned that behind that smile was a heartbreaking story of an abusive marriage, one she was finally able to extricate herself and her children from.  With freedom came the cost of suddenly being a single mother to ten children, and the cost years of abuse have put on them all.  They are now trying to heal and recover from their traumas, but life still goes on, and there are still expenses – daily expenses, housing expenses, repair expenses.

Susan Anne has been trying to shoulder this load by herself, but reached out to our little group of alumni women, asking just that we pray for her family, as she is burden with worries and trying to find a way to survive financially.  She shared parts of her story that I hadn’t heard before, which while heartbreaking to hear, only made my admiration for her grow, and her courage and strength even more amazing. To endure so much, and yet still be able to smile, to still have the same gentle spirit I remember from 20+ years ago…it is breath-taking really.

At first, I responded with “I pray something good will come your way…”  but it quickly turned into “How can we help?”

Because it seemed the entire group had the same idea at once –

We could be the answer to her prayers.

We could be that something good that comes her way.

We can’t take away the trauma and the abuse this family has endured, but we can help ease some of this mama’s worries.

This is where you come in, general public.

No donation is too small, and all donations will be met with such gratitude, not just from Susan Anne and her family, but the friends who have banded together to be the answer to her prayers.

If strangers can donate hundreds of thousands of dollars in 24 hours for the Memories Pizza people that have been in the news lately, surely we can raise enough money to ease the worries of a single mother of ten, who has survived abuse with her faith still in tact, and her spirit still gentle.

I’ve started a Go Fund Me account for Susan Anne and her family.  If you can’t donate, we understand, but sharing the link is free so please share!



Also – if you or a loved one is in a domestic abuse situation, there is help via The National Domestic Violence Hotline1-800-799-7233