What happened this week?


This week started first thing Sunday morning when I woke up to two loud booms and the power going out.  Yep, transformers blew.  We managed to survive the crisis by lighting the gas stovetop the old-fashion way, and putting a kettle on for coffee.  Oh Starbucks Via packets, you never let me down!  (Okay, that’s a lie, you’ve tasted of bitter disappointment a couple of times.)

Then Maura woke up and spent an hour wandering about the house saying “Teebee?  Teebee?” as she pushed on every screen and button she could find.  The power was returned to our house and soon there were giggles coming from the family room accompanied by some cartoon creature talking.  It went downhill quickly when she got mad at one sibling, so threw a shoe at the other.  But I’ve talked about that already….

Monday was the day the crew came to tunnel under our driveway and through the yard to replace the broken water line.  The tunneling only took an hour tops.  Connecting everything back together took a few hours and a trip to get a part.  I told the plumber it was really our fault – nothing can go smoothly in our lives, and we’re used to that. But we have water again. And a big hole in the yard until the city inspects the job.

Tuesday I tagged along with a friend who had to drop off a bathtub at a house – as you do.  We rode the ferry and I found the most photogenic seagull ever.

Ridiculously photogenic seagull
Ridiculously photogenic seagull


On Wednesday, I kidnapped another friend and we went to Target, where the lovely Starbuck’s barista made me a ridiculously good vanilla bean frappacino with caramel drizzle.  Seriously so good.  And he had some leftover and made my friend a small cup of happiness as well.  We just wandered about the store sucking down our 4000 calorie drinks.  Because that’s how moms relax on a Wednesday evening.


Oh Thursday…

Things got weird yesterday.  Maura was in a mood because I wouldn’t allow “teebee” (trying to wean her off it again).  I got her cheered up by tickling her…only to notice a car pulling over across the street from our driveway.  The young man got out, crossed towards our house, but then stopped and crouched down.

I wondered – is he interested in all the spray painted signs and notes on the street from the water line crew?

He stood back up, let a couple more cars pass, then went back to the middle of the street, smiling a little, crouching down again with his cell phone out.

“What is he taking pictures of?” I thought.  Is this a geocache game of some sort?  Did he find the right street marking?  What is so interesting???

He got back in the car, tapped on his phone a bit, then backed around the corner and went the other direction.  I went outside to see what he just had to take a picture of.

People – it was a dead squirrel!  Fresh roadkill! I know b/c twenty minutes before all this, I got the mail, and there was no squirrel carcass in the street by my driveway. He was taking photos of a dead squirrel!

What the heck?  Why?  Did he hit the squirrel, kill it, and then Instagramed it?  Saw it in its perfect but freshly dead state and just had to have a photograph?

As I walked into the house, Maura went by, holding a motorcycle helmet.  “Poopy.” she stated, as she headed towards the bathroom.


So now it’s Friday.  Thank God.  Somewhere in Seattle, a semi carrying millions of bees rolled over.  Yeah, that’s our headline for the day.  I’m outta here!