Being crafty

So while wasting time perusing Pinterest, I came across this –

linked on Pinterest from Delicious Designs
linked on Pinterest from Delicious Designs


My first thought was “Wow, that would be cute in the girls bathroom or the teen girl’s room!”

And since I’m a crafty girl in all definitions of the word, my next thought “Why try to find the print for $20 when I could make it myself with $86 worth of craft supplies???”

So I did.

Step One - get ALL the things
Step One – get ALL the things

So I got a canvas and some rainbow craft paint and then coordinating glitter – because anything awesome should be sparkly, right?  I also got stick down letters, with the idea of being able to stick them down, then paint over them

Yeah, this would have worked better if the sticky letters stuck to the canvas better.  Instead, the letters kept trying to roll upwards, so I had to be careful with painting.

Step Two - slapping paint on...carefully...
Step Two – slapping paint on…carefully…

I did manage to get through that stage without screwing up badly.  FYI, it took almost an entire little bottle of craft paint and two coats of paint to get to this stage.

Step Three - reveal thyself!
Step Three – reveal thyself!

All in all, it came out decently.  There were little wobbly bits to the edges which my perfectionist side yelled “FIX IT!  MAKE ALL THE LINES EVEN!”  But then the other side of me said “Hey, being awesome doesn’t mean being perfect.  You can be imperfect and awesome.  Keep the wobbly lines in there!”

And so I did.

With that in mind, I added color.  Pretty color.

Step Four - Color!
Step Four – Color!

This part was probably the most delicate part of the process because I was trying to be very careful to stay within the lines and not screw things up at this stage.  But I didn’t screw up, so it was time to sparkle.

Step Five - Glitterbombing.
Step Five – Glitterbombing.

So in buying all the paint and all the glitter, I learned that Martha Stewart also makes glitter glue.  Not glittery glue.  Glue made specifically for glitter.  So I slapped on the glue quickly, then sprinkled the glitter on.  I did every other letter, waited for it to dry, then did the others, so I wouldn’t mix up the glitter colors.  Once dry, I carefully brushed off all the glitter so it wouldn’t look like a My Little Pony exploded all over my dining room table.

Step Six - Admire
Step Six – Admire

As I was finishing up, the teen girl came in and eyed it.  “Is that for Maura?”


“The boys?”


“For me?” she said with a hopeful edge in her voice.


“Squee!”  (no, seriously, she made that squealing teen girl noise – which is okay, she’s a teen girl.)

“Not that you need reminding – you’re already awesome.”

“I know.” she said with a laugh and a hair flip, self-confident little creature that she is.

And looking at it now…I’m realizing there’s no apostrophe.  I wonder if it’s necessary….and if it should be glittery…