We’re already failing at summer vacation

It’s impressive really, how quickly our summer is going down the proverbial toilet.  Maura’s been officially out of school for an hour and we’ve spent most of it in a screaming battle of wills over screen time.

I’m thinking this summer, we may go Amish.  But then I won’t be able to get onto my computer.  And the teens would howl, which will make the dogs howl….

I may need a new plan.

Maura graduated from fifth grade on Friday.  Technically, she didn’t have to go to the “all of two hours” last day today.  But she did.  Just so I could savor those last quiet moments of peace.  Her teacher told me how another teacher asked if any of her students would show up – Maura’s teacher stated “Oh, EVERY ONE will be there.”  I said “Dang skippy!” We both laughed.  We both get it.

Also, after this past weekend, I needed that two hours of final serenity.  See, Saturday, I woke up and ran to the store.  I got milk and doughnuts and coffee.  I came home all Good Mom, and went to present Maura with a pink frosted doughnut.  She was thrilled to see said pink frosted doughnut.  I stared in horror at the puddle of chopped hair that surrounded her, and the scissors tossed casually to the side. I spent the rest of the day finding little locks of hair here and there as they fell off her head.

The good news is, the girl has such obnoxiously thick hair, you can barely tell.  The front of her hair is uneven though.

barely noticeable, really...
barely noticeable, really…

Then Sunday, I left the girls watching some bad Wizard of Oz reboot while I tried to read a book.  Only to hear the big sister yell “MOM!  MAURA’S BLEEDING!”

“From where?” I yelled as I ran to meet them.

“Her fingers!”

Somehow, Maura found a piece of broken glass.  I don’t know where.  I don’t know how.  She just found it, and held it, and sliced her fingers a little.  Her sister was more upset than she was by it all.  I washed off the hand, bandaged the finger, then realized that on her way up from the family room, Maura bled on the carpet, walls, hand rail…

It’s amazing how kids with innocent wounds can make a place look like a crime scene.

So yeah, this morning, I shoved that girl on the bus for that whole last two hours, so I could brace myself for summer.  Because we’re already failing.  And we have so much more to go.

I’ll be in the corner, rocking, if you need me.