And then we moved

Yes, the past couple of weeks have been chock full of moving fun.  The packing.  The sound of tape ripping.  The whining teens who mutter at you when you say “Can you move that couch over there instead?”

And all in the middle of the hottest temperatures ever to hit the PNW.

so. much. fun.

don't I look thrilled to be alive and holding up a mattress in a moving truck?
don’t I look thrilled to be alive and holding up a mattress in a moving truck?


We got it done, and with limited trauma to everyone involved.  Though it was touchy for a couple days with Maura.

Maura’s usually a duck when it comes to change.  She likes new things, new people, new places.  She had no issue moving to or from Ireland – as long as she had her suitcase and backpack, she was set to go.

Then there was this move.

She was cool with it all until she came home and saw her room dismantled.  Then she screamed.  She screamed and cried and didn’t understand what happened to her room.  Josh – being the awesome dad he is – said “Here, follow me.” and took her to where her bed was, in pieces, in the garage.  “This is mostly just ceremonial, but let’s do this.” he said as he opened up the back of the truck. “Here, let’s get your bed on the truck, want to put this piece of your bed on the truck?”


Piece by piece, they loaded her bed onto the truck, which calmed Maura.  Then we offered to get ice cream and all was even better.

The next day, we got keys to the new house, and started putting our stuff in there.  Maura started up again – partially because the girl refused to go to sleep until 11:30 pm the night before.  As her stuff went into her new room, she cried.  “My room broken!” she screamed as she ran off in a tizzy.

“For God’s sake Collin, can you put her bed together? Quickly?” we asked the eldest.

I took her with me to the now old house, and she screamed.  “House!’  Argh.  Cue more short, simple explanations about the  new house.
We got back to said new house to find her bed together.  I ripped open the bag of bedding and made her bed up asap.  “My room fixed!” she gasped with joy.

Sure kid.  As long as you’re happy.

And like that, Maura’s back to her duck status.  This morning a friend stopped by and she said proudly “My house!”, showing off her new home.

Now if I could just remember where I packed the rest of her clothes….