The Lord wants me to be left handed

In this house, we now have this huge walk-in closet.  Seriously, it’s ridiculous.  It is bigger than Sean’s bedroom in Ireland (okay, low bar.) The only catch to this is that it was an addition to an addition, and has a bit of a moisture problem (not deadly mold, but the “Hi, we live in the Pacific North Wet”).  I bought a little closet dehumidifier to help things out, and decided to put it up on the back corner shelf, where it was best suited.

Meanwhile, Maura has also decided that my closet is awesome.  Awesome to play in, awesome to dig through, awesome to check out what’s in the shoe boxes (I’ll give you a hint – shoes), and the suitcases we packed our clothes in and threw into said closet?  Yeah, those are super-awesome to dig through.

As I’ve had my right hand all wrapped up and trying to heal, I haven’t gotten around to hanging clothes up or organizing the closet.  But I did go ahead and buy that dehumidifier thing, and decided last night to put it on the closet. Then I turned to leave the closet, stepped over a suitcase, got the toe of my flip flop caught on the edge of the open suitcase and a moment later, I was sprawled out on the closet floor (because it’s that big, I had lots of room to fall!)

The good news is – I didn’t catch myself with my poor still healing hand.

The bad news is – my right elbow now really hurts.

Also, if a mom falls in her closet, no one hears it.  Which was nice, I got to lay there in peace, catch my breath, and mutter some curse words before hefting myself back out to the living room, where all the action was.

Then I failed a bit because one teen asked me about something, and I’m all “Sorry, can’t answer you right now, I’m feeling a bit gross from hitting the ground with my body.” and left the room again to be pathetic alone.  Except my husband came and asked what happened and I told him how I fell down and got covered in booboos, so he got me ice for my elbow and some Advil and was all “Dang that looks like it hurts!” when he saw where I got rug burn on my elbow (which, ironically, wasn’t made by a rug, but by laminate flooring.)

Meanwhile, the right side of my body, especially from the shoulder down, is cursing at me and my house is going to remain in a cluttered state because I still haven’t mastered the use of my left hand.

Obviously I should stop trying to unpack and settle my house and stick to laying about sipping sangrias.