One week

One week until school starts. Maura is ready. Maura is beyond ready. Maura is Ready Freddy.

However, Maura doesn’t quite grasp the concept of “One week.”

I should be one of those moms who has a bunch of fun adventures lined up so every day is special and not boring. But I’m tired. This summer has sucked my brain out and left it in the sun to shrivel up in the sun like any plant I bring into the house. I’ve been trying to take care of the rest of life plus all the post-moving stuff and of course, injuring myself here and there, and there are three other teens in the house that require my attention every so often. You know, when Maura’s not breaking glass, finding a way out of the yard, or protesting because I went to Starbucks when I said we were going to Starbucks.

The nerve of me!

So yeah kid, I cry too a little as I tell you it’s still one more week until school. I know you can’t wait. You loved your middle school orientation day, and can’t wait to get back there. I can’t wait for you to go either – not because you’re driving me nuts, but because I can see that you are bored, and you need more, and I am just not up for that task at this point.

One more week. We can get through this.