A belated thank you

Over the summer, I wrote about our love of Chipotle, and how it became a great opportunity for Maura to learn to advocate for herself, even if it was just about asking for cheese and lettuce.

The good people of Chipotle read the piece, and sent us a little something. Two gift cards, guac was on the house!

Maura took these cards seriously, holding onto them, tucking them into her purse as we went to get lunch. It’s another skill she needs to develop – not losing things of monetary value, and learning how to pay for items.

Even better though, was the one day I went in there by myself, and one of the servers asked how my daughter was doing. Because Maura is memorable, and the people working at our local Chipotle are just generally nice people.

But I just wanted to send out a thanks to those at Chipotle, for the gift cards. They weren’t necessary, but they were very enjoyed!

Maura, super excited for her Chipotle outing
Maura, super excited for her Chipotle outing
Thanks Myra and Chipotle!