I’m not very good at adulting

I can fake it well when necessary, but honestly, I’m not very good at this whole adult thing.

Like recently, I got one of those fancy Erin Condren planners. The ones that all my adulty friends have and swear by. I am working on embracing that part of me that wants to be organized, and more honestly, I’m a sucker for office products.

And then I looked over at my nice shiny organizer…and saw what was next to it on my desk.

Yes, that's the 11th Doctor on a hedgehog doll, on a tribble, on a TARDIS
Yes, that’s the 11th Doctor on a hedgehog doll, on a tribble, on a TARDIS

In so many ways, I earn low marks on Adulting. I read YA fiction. I wear hoop earrings even though I’m over 30. I wear Doc Marten boots to teacher meetings. I quote Spongebob. I still can’t always pluck my eyebrows correctly (please don’t look closely at them for a few weeks.)

I’m okay with all that. Well, except the eyebrow plucking failure. sigh. It’s just all part of who I am. Slightly silly, hopefully not ridiculous, and I do manage to take care of the important stuff. Also, I can do a great impression of a “together” adult when need be, and my table manners are usually good. That counts for something, right?

Meanwhile, if you need me, I’ll be over here, playing with dolls planning in my super-adulty day planner.