The In-betweener

Over the summer, Maura picked out a My Little Pony backpack. It was what she wanted, and knowing her penchant for giving a flying fart about what anyone else thinks, I let her get it.

But something has happened since she’s entered junior high.

The My Little Pony backpack keeps getting put aside for her older, still awesomely sparkly, but solid colored backpack.

Now, her sister Miriam went to this junior high, so I know the vibe of the school. It is this amazing awesome, quirky, sort of anything goes but bullying school. Even Miriam has said “I can’t believe how awesome that school is. Everyone loved going there!” Miriam also wore her sacred fox had every day for about two years, and brought Maura’s Stitch doll to school one day, and everyone was all “OMG, Stitch! I love Lilo and Stitch!”

This is Seattle-ish. Being odd is the norm.

So I don’t think this change of backpacks came about because Maura was taunted for having a “babyish” backpack. I think she just looked around, saw what others had, and decided she needed to step up her game.

I’m also noticing this with clothes as well. Oh, she’s still wearing her My Little Pony tees. I got them off Hot Topic and saw a college girl with the exact same tee on the other day. Her clothing choices are a bit more subtle. Less girly, more tween. Less frufru, more jeans and tops. Which is a trick because jeans aren’t normally her friends as she can’t manage the button.

And oddly enough – while it’s exciting to see her catch on to these things, and mature a little bit more…I’m having a few of the same feelings that I did when her siblings went through that phase of putting away childish things. But just a few. Because unlike her siblings, I had no clue if Maura would get to this point.

In the meantime, please send gift cards to Hot Topic. I think I’m gonna need them!

Yes, that’s an 11th Doctor dress. The girl has always had style.