“Hey, remember that time I totally kinda insulted your sister?”

So my friend Jenn* over at Wasted Wit shared a humiliating college experience. In the spirit of sisterhood, I too will share that time in college when I wanted the earth to swallow me whole.

The scene – just outside the student union, on a picnic table on a lovely autumn day.

The cast – me and the Really Cute Guy (aka RCG) I’d just met a couple weeks before.

I had the dating skills of an awkward platypus in college. I mean, I was cute, but seriously, definitely, maybe even adorably awkward. So when I met RCG, I knew for a fact he was out of my league, with his self-assuredness and smooth charm. Yet I was also a glutten for punishment, had nothing to lose, and he seemed to find my awkwardness cute enough for a friendship.

We took a class together – astronomy. I took it because I am not good at science but needed a science credit, and hoped that this course would be about learning names of planets and constellations. It wasn’t. When RCG tried to help me with a homework question, he said “Just use the physics you used in high school.”

“I didn’t take physics in high school. I’m an English major for a reason.” I stated.

So he offered to help me with my homework, and I was all YES PLEASE! I thought it’d be a great way to bond. What it turned into was a great way to stick my foot into my mouth.

We sat there outside the student union, him being all cool, me highlighting the entire book as I tried to answer questions. Like one – “How long does it take the Earth to go around the sun?”

I had no clue. I had less than a clue. I didn’t even have a cl.

RCG – “That one is easy, just think.”

Me – “I really don’t know.”

Him – “Just take a guess.”

Me – “A really long time?”

Him – “How long is a year?”

Me – “365 days, why? OH!”

Then I cursed myself inwardly as he laughed – not a mean laugh, just a “It’s okay, I know you’re not a complete moron” laugh.

He ran inside to check his mail box while I stayed at the table, working on questions while muttering “A really long time…oh my God, he must think I’m the dumbest person ever! A really long time!” I don’t think I actually banged my head off the table.

RCG returned a few minutes later with a sheet of paper in his hand, one that’d been folded up. He was smiling.

“Did you get mail?” I asked, because I am Captain Obvious.

“Yeah, Sarah’s taken to writing me every day so I will always have mail.”

RCG was really cute, and nice, and the student body ratio was 3 girls to 1 guy, so basically, girls were killing each other for a date and guys basically had to be breathing to be eligible. Single guys were rare enough. Cute single guys? They were a freaking unicorn on campus.

I may have rolled my eyes as I said snarkily, “OMG, do you have every girl on this campus wrapped around your finger?”

RCG paused, looking at me seriously. “Sarah’s my little sister.” he stated.

I looked for a hole to crawl in. Sadly, there were none. “Oh…uh…I didn’t know you had a sister.”

“Two actually.”

“See, you need to tell me these things!”

I was certain that was it, that I had firmly planted myself, foot in mouth, into the friend zone. Any chances I had with this guy had crawled off in abject shame, horrified by my big mouth.

But no! Apparently he found my awkward, babbling ways attractive. We were engaged by the end of that semester.

True love really does work in mysterious ways.

Us, back in the day
Us, back in the day

*seriously, all my friends are named Jenn…or should be…

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