“Welcome to the family, can you move some furniture for me?”

My siblings and I grew up to be strong, independent people. Independent because that’s normal, strong because our mother always had us moving furniture for her.

When I got to college, I joined SAB – Student Activities Board – and part of the thankless tasks involved were moving the amazingly heavy couches in the student union to make room for different events. I’m sure the first time I offered to help move the furniture, people looked at little feminine me and thought “Riiiiiiight.”

And then I’d impress them with my mad couch moving skills.

and don't you forget it!
and don’t you forget it!

When Josh and I started dating, he was the tech guy for SAB, which meant hauling sound equipment for dances and such, and some dj’ing. After one dance, I was helping Josh move speakers and such, and I heard one of the frat guys impressed. “Wow, your girlfriend doesn’t mind helping haul equipment? That is so cool!”

I’d tell people that I grew up moving couches and stuff, but they might have thought my stories were exaggerated.

That is, until the day I brought Josh home to meet the family.

I can remember it clearly…my stepdad opening the door and joking to Josh that “Oh! You shaved!” (Josh had sported a goatee, which had to be shaved off for a roll in a play)…my mom coming to the door all lovely and manners and “It’s so good to meet you…” as my young brother did some sort of side-show routine from the stairs.

Five minutes later…

“I know you just got here Josh…and I really hate to ask you…”

“OMG Mom! You’re going to ask him to move furniture!”

“Well, just a few chairs.”

Josh smiled and said it was all good, while various other family members snickered from other rooms at his clan initiation.

“Don’t worry, this means my mom likes you.” I told Josh.

And she did. She still does, so that’s good 😉


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