And then life happened

There I was, chugging along, feeling all superior about meeting my 31 Days of writing challenge when Life happened.

Life refuses to be ignored.

This is why I’m not a big planner. I go “Surely I can manage a blog post a day for a month straight, I have plenty of stuff to write about.” and then Life steps in, needy bitch that she is, and goes “Attention please!” I scramble about, fall off the face of the internet, circle my wagons, and then realize that I’m not sure what day it is anymore. Then I have to find a way to climb back out of the hole Life tossed me in to get me alone with it for a while.

And now I’m here again. Not because I have something hilarious or insightful to share, but mostly because I’m determined to find a balance to this writing/life thing I’ve been attempting to juggle.

No matter what Life throws at me, it still has to go on. Bills have to be paid. Halloween costumes must be bought. Dogs have to be de-fleaed. Because yes, that happened. The dogs got flea. FYI, flea treatment shampoos are amazingly moisturizing on the skin.

I’m sure people have all sorts of tips on how I can organize my life. And that’s awesome. But it’s my life. I can organize to a point, then my shade of reality kicks in, and my time is spent not doing the things I want, but taking care of things that are screaming for my attention. I’m not talking daily things, like laundry and food shopping (which need to be done anyway) – I’m talking about the times Maura’s thrown in a tizzy because the battery died on her device and she doesn’t understand charging it. Or the evening when she wants me to just sit with her and watch a show as she snuggles next to me. All that on top of the fact that there are other teens in the house that, despite feeling pretty grown, also still need me.

So life happens. Not just life, my life. Which always has to be more…interesting…

I still find the time to annoy the tiny one.
I still find the time to annoy the tiny one.