It’s the holidays, you want to do something nice, right?

9 Dec

My sister Maryrose (who manned the fort last winter when Josh and I went on vacation) is in league with One Hope United as a founding member of the National Ambassador Board for One Hope United. Meaning she does nice things for kids, especially around the holidays. One of the things she is doing is a toy drive for kids who may not otherwise get anything this season.

One of her friends heard about this, and has decided that in lieu of birthday gifts for himself, he wants to raise money to go towards this toy drive.  He’s made a Go Fund Me page to collect cash for toys for One Hope United, and donated $100 to it himself. Which, really, is the epitome of what the Christmas season is about, isn’t it?

He’s not reached his target yet, so if you want to get in on the fun, his Go Fund Me page can be found here.

Not sure about donating to the toy drive cash collection? That’s alright. You can still help out One Hope United with a donation, just click on these words.  Plus, here’s their page on how to get involved, full of all sorts of links.

So if you’re looking for a charity to donate money in someone’s name as a gift this season, why not choose One Hope United?

Auntie Mim and Mad Madam Maura

Auntie Mim and Mad Madam Maura want you to help One Hope United!




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