Weekends are for sleeping in

No, seriously Maura, that’s what other people do on weekends. You used to as well. You loved sleep. You got lots of sleep. You took three hour naps then slept twelve hours at night.

So tell me boo, what happened?

And why can you spring out of bed on a weekend morning, but not during the week?

Seriously, this morning, 6:58 am, you booyahed your way into our room, just to see if we were there and let us know you were awake I guess. Knowing you’re awake makes me awake, so I took one for the team and let your dad sleep some more while I got up and watched Phineas and Ferb with you.

BTW, thanks for leaving the milk out last night. Glad I didn’t noticed until there was none for my coffee.

Here’s the thing Maura – Mom and Dad do try to have a life. We try to go out once in a while, together, with other adults. We need to. It keeps us sane. Last night was one of those nights. We went out. We had fun. We got home at 1 am and decided to run to Taco Bell like a couple of Millennials (I would have preferred going to a chipper, but sadly, that’s a concept yet to be picked up on here in the U.S.) And it was all good. Until 6:58 am.

So tomorrow, at 6:58 am, when I’m wrecking my shoulder some more trying to pull your limp, passive-aggressive self out of bed to go to school, well, consider it revenge for this morning. And remember how nice I was to you even though I was dog-tired. (Actually, our dogs were still asleep too. So I guess the phrase is “mom-tired”?)

PS – why doesn’t Starbucks deliver yet? WHY? New Kickstarter idea – roving coffee van. Think ice cream truck, but for adults, that roam the neighborhood playing happy coffee music. Genius, right? A roving barista. Come on people. We need that!