Tomorrow’s gonna suck

I’m just going to admit it and embrace the inevitable – tomorrow’s going to suck, and we’re all going to be cranky.

Well, not all of us. No, the one person who’ll manage will be Maura. Maura, the smart one, who stuck to her bedtime/get up time and isn’t wildly off schedule. Unlike the rest of us, who embraced the later nights and later wake up calls. It’s amazing how in two short weeks, we have thrown ourselves off the school schedule. Except for Maura. Maura who values her sleep times. Because Maura is a wise owl. Unlike the rest of us, who instantly shed the school schedule like it was never happening again.

But it is happening. It’s happening in less than 24 hours. Tomorrow morning, around 6:30 am, we’ll be doing our best impressions of cranky zombies. Except Maura, who’ll be all “Yay! School! Bus! Woohoo!”

By 4:30 tomorrow afternoon, we should all be sniping at each other. By Tuesday, we’ll be too out of whack to be cranky. By Wednesday, we’ll probably be back into the groove, but still a little twitchy. Thursday will see us almost back to normal, in time to screw it all up again on Friday. Saturday morning, we’ll all be sleeping in. Except for Maura. Who listens to her internal clock. Because she’s wiser than the rest of us.

Meanwhile, I’ll just apologize for any crankiness on my part right now. Send coffee please.

And to everyone else about to dive back into the school routine, godspeed.