Thoughts as I put away the Christmas decorations

I can do this! I shall gather it all and put it all away before Maura gets home!

Hmm…I should probably get the stuff from outside, but it’s wet and squishy out there…I can put that off, right?

Wow, okay, so I have a thing for Christmas trees.

Dogs, seriously, I wouldn’t be tripping over you if you didn’t follow me everywhere!

Why do I have 27 containers with no lids? I need a container with a lid!

Why did I start this at all? I could have waited.

<insert random thoughts about other religions that don’t require all this freaking stuff, and conversion>

Oh good, now I’m covered in glitter.

<stares into container> My God, I didn’t even use half this crap.

<ponders getting rid of said crap> But I might neeeeeed it someday.

Seriously! Dogs! Underfoot! Shoo!

Good lord, now I’M whining. I hate whining.

Okay, one box done. You can do this!

Shit. I sat down. Oh look, Internet! I should post dog photos.



Okay, should really get back to work.

Ornaments. I can do this. Work the system.

Crap. Why aren’t they fitting? They should all fit. Why aren’t they fitt-oh, there’s the other section of ornament holders. Nevermind. All good.

Lights. Freaking lights.

Why is the tree still jingling? Where’s that friggen bell?

Found the bell.

So why is the tree still jingling?

Okay, I think I’ve gotten all the bells off the friggen tree.

This will be the year I wrap the lights up correctly.


We’ll see.

I am so glad I don’t work retail. Imagine having to do this at a department store? I wonder if they get overtime for having to put up 150 trees in the store? And then take them all down.

One year, I’ll learn to wear long sleeves while messing with a tree. Ow.


This fecker will fit into the box again if it kills me.

Okay, now to play Tetris with all the stuff to fit back into the two small bins.


Nearly done. Just lights. Eff it, lights are being tossed in this box. I’ll deal with it all next year.