Little things

I went to Ikea today, you know, to buy all the things. Or at least, look at all the things, and then pick up a couple things I could haul back home.

I love Ikea. I could honestly go there all the time. I love how they’ve set up their showroom into little rooms, apartments, etc, so you can get a real feel for how this stuff is supposed to work for you. Americans don’t always get Ikea, because we’re not trying to make 498 sq feet work for us, but especially after living in Ireland, I have a huge appreciation for Ikea’s creativity. And then I giggled as I spotted a corner cabinet I noticed in an article about tiny Parisian apartments. I also laughed at the little girl who though the magnetic push mechanism door clasp on a cabinet was the coolest thing ever.

As I wandered through, taking my time to look at stuff just because I could, I wandered through the kids section and eyed their soft toys. Last year, I ended up getting Maura six little mice dolls because she was into “The Rescuers”. She loves those mice and plays with them constantly. She also has two soft dolls, gangly-limbed girls, one that was supposed to be Red Riding Hood but has long since shed her cape, and the other, a fairy.

Today, I spotted another soft doll, a princess doll with a red and white skirt that reminded me of a circus tent.

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The princess doll followed me home. Along with a couple little trays for Maura to use (she loves trays), a new bedside table, some curtains, some cookies…

As Maura got off the bus, I told her I had a surprise for her.

“REALLY?” she squeaked out. As soon as we got into the house, she began rummaging for the surprise (because apparently, the giant blue Ikea bag on the table wasn’t visible enough to her.)

“Over here hon.” I say.

Maura peers into the bag, spots the doll, squeals excitedly, and announces “BEST DAY EVER!”

A moment later, she disappears, only to reappear with a bunch of dolly friends for her new doll. She’s singing, she’s happy, she’s got a new friend that she’ll send on so many adventures.

And this is why it’s fun to spoil Maura. Because she is so tickled by little things. Little mice dolls. Little Ikea dolls. She loves these things as much as an American Girl doll. Probably more to be realistic.

Maura constantly reminds me to enjoy the little things, which is kind of funny to think about as she’s one of the biggest things to happen to me.