My tiny car farts rainbows

I’m dead serious people!

Today, as Maura and I drove home from Target, it was that weird mix of “It just rained hair, but now it’s drizzling and the sun’s out, so there’s a rainbow over here next to the dark grey clouds and blue skies ahead”. We hopped on the short bit of highway, hit 60 mph, and I glanced in the rear view mirror…

…and a rainbow was trailing behind my car.

Dead serious!

The wet pavement combined with the sun coming out meant my car, at least from my view point, was making a rainbow trail behind us, like a little Fiat Nyan Cat.

Nyan Cat Image via YouTube

But people, listen – I love my little green car. I love it so very much it’s almost embarrassing. It’s cute and fun and retro and cute. And now? Now it farts rainbows.

Best. Car. Ever.