Spring break?

Maura’s watching My Little Pony.

In Spanish.

It’s like, hour 337 of it as well. Yes, I know, I could turn it off. But then she’ll get upset. And I just want some peace because yesterday was a day full of “Mom? Mom? Hey Mom! Mom? Mom! MOM! Hi Mom.”

I made the mistake of buying some Girl Scout Cookies off a friend. Apparently this year’s boxes were laced with crack because Maura’s been desperate for them. Or maybe she keeps going after them because her Easter candy sugar high is wearing off and she’s getting jittery. I’m trying to stay strong here, and not A) give in to her needs or B) binge eat all the cookies myself so she can’t have them.

Add to all that fun? I forgot to turn off my morning alarm. So after staying up late to finish reading a book, my alarm woke me up early.

And spring break is just getting started!