This girl is killing me this morning!

7 Apr

In a good way, not in a “stole mom’s coffee” way.

But last night, she had some Monopoly money. “Store? I love store.” she said.

“We can go to the store tomorrow, but that money won’t work at the store. It’s game money, not real money.”

“Fine!” she relented, then tossed the stack of little pink fake fives in the air.

This morning however, she’s remembered I said we’d go to the store today. Which is why she’s dressed.

“Hair!” she commanded, as she pulled it back. “Tail!”

Okay, pony tail, here you go. I’m not quite paying attention to the clues she’s giving me. I am curious as to why she’s got her shoes on, but otherwise, I’m still mainlining coffee.

She points to my feet. “Shoes.” Maura speak for “Mom, put your shoes on.”

I start putting things together as she starts putting Monopoly money in her purse. And yes, I know, she should know the difference between real money and play money. But we’ve also taken this girl to Europe and back, where money comes in all sorts of colors and sizes.

“SHOES!” she states, pointing to my feet again.

“Let me drink my coffee first. Besides, you need to put on real pants.” I say, pointing out she’s still in her pj shorts.

“Aw, I hate pants!” she says, storming off.

I can’t help but laugh. The internet is with you on that one kid. But, two minutes later she reappears.

“PANTS!” she states, showing off the jeans she has changed into.

So I must finish my coffee. We have a date with Target today.



2 Responses to “This girl is killing me this morning!”

  1. Renee Anne April 7, 2016 at 2:12 pm #

    Love it! And you cannot blame her for not knowing the differences in money because, as you stated, money in Europe comes in all sorts of colors and shapes and sizes. And then some countries are on the Euro while others are on their own currency and some can use both and….::sigh:: Love it, all the same!

    • phoebz4 April 7, 2016 at 2:33 pm #

      We won’t even discuss the Scottish pound versus the N Ireland pound versus the English pound

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