Music Monday – Fight Song

My 15 year old daughter turned me onto this song. We were driving in the car, it came on, she started singing along.

Now I sing along with it.

It seems silly. It seems like a “young person’s” song and I’m too old, at 43, to be singing it. But damn if I haven’t had to keep fighting.

This week, I’ve been fighting anxiety. I’ve been overwhelmed, overemotional, scared, sad, mentally exhausted. But I also had to keep going, keep fighting, keep reminding myself that I could get through this. I’ve gotten through it before, I could get through it again.

And so I did.

This week is already starting off better. The anxiety whirl is fading. I’m making plans. I have things to look forward to. I made the calls I had to make. I didn’t accomplish everything, but the storm didn’t knock me over either.

I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me.

So do you. I swear it. Even if you have to sing a pop tune in your car – belt it out, boost your spirits, and take those baby steps.

You got this.

I got this.

We got this.