It’s Monday morning, it is WAY too early to have to bring out the pitchforks and torches

Yet, here we are. Because while all the humans Maura and I encounter in our world have voicelessly proven to be awesome, there are those who have a wider audience who just fail at being decent human beings.

I’m still giving you a side eye Steve Harvey.

But now, thanks to Ellen over at Love That Max, I have been alerted to yet another comedian who thinks it’s okay to tell “retard” jokes.

For like…five minutes.

It felt longer.

Here, go to Ellen’s page, she has the video – I can wait. Just click here…

Did you get through it? Because I couldn’t. It just made me sad.

I know NOTING about this dude, Chris Owen. All I know of his comedy is now in this five minute verbal vomit of “retard” jokes. I am not impressed.

But what got to me? Was when he was all “OH, but it’s OKAY because she’s my cousin! I love her! So I can make jokes about her!”



Listen up Chris. I get it. You’re playing up the whole Southern Boy thing. However, my in-laws? All 39547 of them? They’re all good Southern people. And every one of them – EVERY ONE – would be horrified if you talked about my child the way you talk about your cousin. They’d be picking out a spot behind the woodshed to show you. Nobody talks about their cousin like that – not even another cousin.

Do you know how my Southern relatives treat Maura? With love and respect. She is a full fledged member of the family just like everyone else who steps into the room. Which is why I’m doubly-pissed at you Chris. Not only do you tell these jokes at your cousin’s expense…but you boost the stereotype of the ignorant Southern person.

You have managed to insult a whole lot of people I love.

I am not happy with you.

But bless your heart, you thought you were being funny. Now go sit in the corner for a while with Steve Harvey, m’kay?