Pro-tip – Always check the girl’s ears

Maura’s been in a mood. I thought maybe it was her being overtired, or, you know, puberty. That’s sort of my answer to everything and everyone these days – puberty.

But yesterday, her mood turned quite tragic, and I didn’t know why. She didn’t want to get off the bus (weird for her.) She started sobbing, and couldn’t tell me why. Then there was screaming. Not mad screaming – upset screaming.

I worried that maybe she was coming down with something and grabbed the trusty ear thermometer. “Here, let me check your ears.” I said.


Okay, that is NOT how it ever goes. The idea of me checking her ears freaked her out. But I managed to check one – 98.1 – and went to check the other when once again, supreme freak out.

A light bulb came on.

I peeked at the ear.

There was something in it.

Now, something in her ears is not new. I grabbed the tweezers and used the flashlight on my phone and said that first, I was just going to LOOK in her ears.

She wasn’t the calmest.

I figured out what was in the ear. Explained that this wasn’t going to hurt. Pulled the item out of her ear.

“OH!! MY EAR!!!” she cheered, and allowed me to “fix” the other ear as well.

So, what was in her ears? These.


In case you’re curious, they’re the silicon ear buds of a set of headphones. The last time I saw Maura with headphones of this style was Saturday, when she found the pair in my room and walked off with them. So these could have been in her ears since Saturday – which would explain the weird moods.

It would be easier if she could say “Mom, my ears.” But that’s still an emerging skill.

However, once her ears were free again, she was the happiest of all campers. She announced to her siblings “EARS! LOOK!” to let them know her ears were better. Meanwhile, I was behind her going “Okay guys, see this type of earbud? Yeah, that’s now banished from the household.”

We’ve gotten quite skilled with pulling stuff out of Maura’s ears. One time, she stuck corn in her ears. Took three days to realize it, and we had to use a medicine syringe to flush out the corn (the doctor was impressed with how we managed that.) Still, she ended up with an ear infection – because yellow corn, no matter how lovely, does not belong in ears.

After that incident, my mother-in-law sent me a gift of “I think you’ll get a LOT of use out of this!”. She may have been laughing. But it was true – I have.

From Amazon – totally worth it, highly recommended – you can also see what they stuck up their noses with this thing.

So for those playing the home game, let me sum up –

Silicon ear buds – easy to remove from ears

Corn – not very easy

Styrofoam – very tricky as it got stuck to the ear wax. Oddly enough, I was able to get it out with a q-tip that had ear wax on it (her own, not mine)

This is why I do random ear checks on Maura. Because this.

Yet another skill that’s useless on a resume.