Things that are risking my panties bunching up

3 May

It’s Tuesday. Only Tuesday. And yet, I opened up my Facebook and found people storming, rightfully, about things that are happening out there.

Let’s start with “Me-ternity” Leave Chick.

Now, first, her article does not appear in The Onion, which it should. Because it’s that ridiculous. It’s a not-so-cleverly written piece basically to promote her book of the same name. Which is great – I now know what book not to buy.

In the article, this chick talks about how other women get maternity leave to sit back and relax and ponder life’s bigger questions, why shouldn’t she get that break time too? Except without pushing out a 9 lb human being from her nether regions, or having major abdominal surgery to remove said 9 lb human being, not worrying about what the freaking frack is going on with her breasts while the 9 lb being you’re beginning to question if it’s at all human is squalling at you, having 9 lb alien creature regurgitate your very own milk product back down your shirt, question everything you ever thought was real until you’re crying with your little alien creature one night at three am, and making the self-discovery of “Oh my God, I don’t know if I can do this!”

You know, she wants all that…without all that. So really, she wants a sabbatical.

I just can’t with this woman. Just. Can’t.

However, this reply to the article is brilliant.

Secondly, there’s the news that the president’s daughter got into Harvard. Good for her. She plans on taking a gap year. I got to read nice discussions about the idea of the gap year, both for and against it. But, you know, discussions. Thoughtful discussions by people keeping to the subject and not denigrating any real person in the process. That’s all good.

What was NOT GOOD AT ALL? The links that popped up this morning to how some creatins on Twitter reacted to a smart young lady who happens to have dark skin getting into Harvard.

They used words I have never used. Because my parents and grandparents taught me that certain words were beyond unacceptable in my household and would see me sent straight into the next week. Because I was raised to not judge people by their skin color or social-economic backgrounds. I was raised to be a decent human being who won’t even link to the awfulness that’s on the internet right now over a young woman, a high school senior, someone’s daughter and someone’s sister, being called horrible names because of her skin color.

Ignore them Malia. You keep being fabulous and smart and enjoy your life.

And because there wasn’t enough asshattery on the internet before I could finish my coffee, THIS popped up in my news feed.

“Teen with disorder mocked by 50 Cent in viral video”


To summarize – a nice young man with autism, a hearing impairment, and social anxiety was minding his own business, doing his job as a janitor at the airport, when 50 Cent decided he must be on drugs or something and harassed him when the young man didn’t respond to him as 50 Cent thought he should. So assumptions were made and the rapper went off on a profanity-filled tirade about kids on drugs and then put it all on the internet. Because, you know, that’s cool.

Then again, Autism Awareness Month IS over and done with. We’re all able to go back to being unaware and giving people a hard time over their behaviors.

My friend Mama Fry has offered to write the rapper a behavior plan, which I think is VERY nice of her. Obviously he needs one.

So yeah, now I’m sitting here with my still not quite finished coffee and trying to keep my panties from twisting.

I need a cat video. Don’t you?

Oh yeah, that’s better…feeling calm again…


2 Responses to “Things that are risking my panties bunching up”

  1. franhunne4u May 3, 2016 at 11:14 am #

    Cat videos are better than prozac, mind you, they are more addictive, too!

    I am with you on all three points. We have fought long and hard for things like maternity leaves – to deal with the extra encumbrances that becoming a mother brings with it. That is – the generations before us have.
    I have made the choice NEVER to be a mum. But it would never enter my mind to ask for something like maternity leave just because mothers to be/new mothers get it. (Here in Germany it is 6 weeks before the due date and 8 weeks after birth. And if the child came early, the days lacking from the 6 weeks are added to the time after. If the baby is late, “good luck” for the mum – this is not “compensated”). It would be absolutely ignorant to ask for a time out I do not need as I do not undergo all those physiological and psychological changes and do not have to organize my life around a helpless baby.
    This young lady needs a child (entirely on loan, not her own, she is not mature enough), to see why maternity leave is given.

    Somebody is trolling the POTUS’ daughter because of her skin colour? How low can people get? Envy? Lack of intelligence? The US have had one of the most intelligent presidents with Obama (ok, there is not a tough competition with the second George Bush as a predecessor or a Ronald Reagan … admitted) – and his wife is not stupid either, having been a lawyer herself before she gave it all up to be the FLOTUS. I expect both children to be quite intelligent, too! She did not get into Harvard just because of her parentage! Admitted, might have been the major factor, but she is up for it.

    And the rapper – well HIS life rotates around drugs – no wonder he supposed drugs behind the young man’s behaviour – it would have been HIS reason. It takes one to suspect one.

  2. Sara May 4, 2016 at 2:47 am #

    It just annoys me that people seem to oblivious to the role parenting plays in society. As if people could just, you know, stop having kids and the world would keep on keeping on, instead of totally collapsing. I HATE that in the US parenting is seen as a ‘lifestyle choice’ instead of the work and resource investment of keeping society going. Which parents do largely unpaid and without thanks.

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