I started to write a blog post about perfection, but reality happened

Okay, so I wasn’t writing about how I achieve perfection – because that ain’t happening. Instead, it was about embracing happiness and clutter. I was really on this mystical roll.

Yet, from the kitchen, I kept hearing sounds. Oh sure, most of the sounds were of “Hamilton”, but there were teenagers, discussing things. And the garbage disposal kept going off.

“I tried that already!”


“Seriously, I tried that. The sink’s just clogged.”

Oh my hell.

I went into the kitchen to find that yes indeed, the sink was clogged. As the dishwasher kept running and draining…into the sink. So I googled “How to clear your drain” and spent a good thirty minutes or so draining, plunging, baking soda and vinegar bombing my sink.

It’s still clogged.

Which means bright and burly in the morning, I shall call a plumber. I’ve maxed out my plumbing expertise and decided instead, to open another hard cider.

Because cider.

And clogged sinks.

Just a few days ago, I was living the life of Reilly at the Ritz, where well-dressed waiters handed me glasses of champagne one evening. That’s not my reality. Having a sink full of mucky coffee grinds and onion peel water, and a hard cider in my hand? That’s my life.