Speaking of 20 yr old’s trying to make me feel old..

Why I don’t need little girls on the internet telling me I’m too old for stuff is because I have my own crew, right here in the house, reminding me daily that, indeed, I’m no longer 29.

(This is where my fifteen year old would say “You still look 29 Mom” and I say “Thank you, my favorite child”. Because one should always be gracious in accepting compliments.)

So today’s latest installment of The Age Gap between Mom and Kids…

We have a safe for medications, because Maura. It’s a keypad entry, four numbers and the pound sign. Collin, the newly minted 20 year old, needed something out of there.

“What’s the code for that again?”

I tell him the numbers and say “and then hit the pound sign.”


Assuming he didn’t hear me, I repeat – these four numbers and the pound sign.

“Pound sign?”


“Hashtag.” I said, as more grey hairs burst forth from my scalp.

“OH! Okay.”

Yes kids, in my day, we used to call that the pound sign. We also had phones that were attached to the wall, our music had to be bought, and cars didn’t fly.