New here? Well come on in, I hope you brought coffee

Just kidding. I have coffee for EVERYONE! Or at least 23 of you.

If you’ve reached this blog because of my latest rambling rant on why I will wear what I want because I’ve hit the magical age of “don’t fecking care”, let me tell you more about myself and this blog and why you totally want to stay around.

What’s this blog about?

Life. My life. My crazy weird unique life. We all have one, but I like to think that our life has that extra bit of sparkle. Life with teens, life with ridiculous but pretty dogs, life interrupted, life as a special needs mom, life as someone trying to become a paid professional writer

Who am I?

A forty-something wife and mom of four. A college graduate who finally paid off her student loans just in time to send her offspring to college. My spirit animal is a sloth. Totally not a perfectionist. I lovingly embrace my diagnosis of anxiety and have no shame when I talk about my bottle of Prozac. I’m bad at accepting compliments. My morning is incomplete until I get a cup of coffee in my hand. I can quote SpongeBob more than Shakespeare. I love to read.

You said special needs – what’s up with that?

My daughter has a disability of the unknown variety. Yes, we’ve seen doctors and specialists. Yes, we’ve done tests. No, we haven’t done a full genetic panel because, well, it wasn’t possible back in the day and now I run into the idea of “Well, she’s made it this long, just accept her as she is.” (Yes, that doctor got a side eye from me. No, we did not go back to see him ever again.) No, it’s not autism, unless it’s a really odd form of autism where you excel at social skills. What she does have is an intellectual disability. On paper, my daughter seems very disabled. In real life, she’s a beautiful mix of skills that never fails to impress people. And I talk about her a lot. Because back in the day, we were the only ones dealing with no diagnosis, and it was lonely and scary. I don’t want anyone else to feel that way. Because we’re not alone.

Got any fun facts?

Besides being born in a Mercedes and a drug bust after my wedding rehearsal? (What, you didn’t know about that? Go back through the handy dandy links I’ve provided in this post if you’re curious.)

Well, I recently made a taxi full of other women bloggers fall dead silent when I said how my blog was best known for a post called “Being Retarded” – then explained what I meant, and everyone was able to breathe again. Go read the post. Pink and the guy who wrote Zombieland retweeted it. So you should read it too.

We lived in Ireland for 2 1/2 years. Yes, it was a bit crazy to move four kids to Dublin. Yes, it was awesome. Yes, I miss it.

Which leads to the next fun fact – I’m popular amongst homeschooling mums in Ireland AND special education teachers and staff in a corner of Dublin. Also, I have a large following of geek/tech guys.

We’re a Doctor Who loving family. Including Maura – who understands better than a lot of adults that while the Doctor may change faces, he’s always still The Doctor.

I used to not be all that sweary. Then we moved to Ireland. Ironically, I now live in one of the top five least-sweariest states (Washington). Needless to say, I now have an awful potty mouth and accidentally offend people sometimes.

I don’t own a cat. Seriously! We had a cat for a while, and he was an awesome cat. However, I realized that I don’t need to own a cat ever again. Instead, I have a small dog that acts very cat-like at times, and she fulfills any cat need I have.

I’m currently wishing I had more coffee right now.

So that’s a bad summary of this blog. Life, coffee, special needs, dogs, coffee, teens, coffee. Feel free to poke about, stay awhile, convince Starbuck’s that they should sponsor me.

Or, you know, check out my Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter.


I’m also awful at taking selfies. I tend to look slightly maniacal in them. But my hair’s looking fabulous in this shot!