About “Me Before You”


So, I read. I read a lot. A LOT. I love to read. And one of the perks of living in Ireland for a while was I was introduced to authors on that side of the pond who hadn’t quite made it over to the American market.

And that’s where I discovered JoJo Moyes, in the form of the book “The Girl You Left Behind”.  It was decent enough that I picked up another book by her – “Me Before You”.

Yes, I read the book.

No, I would not recommend it.

In fact, my book club keeps bringing it up (as we read another book by Moyes “One Plus One” – which was okay) and every time it’s brought up, I have a sort of “OH GOD NO I HATED IT!” but slightly more subdued reaction.

When I saw there was a sequel to the book, I may have said “You’re freaking kidding me!” in the store, at the book, out loud. Because I have no inside voice.

Why did I hate it? For so many reasons, but especially the ending. The “Here, let me let you watch them fall in love but he’s just going to still kill himself at the end because even love won’t make his poor disabled life worth living, and isn’t it great she got all his money and can travel to Paris to reflect on how great her life is now?” This post actually fleshes out better my feelings about the book.

So no, I’m not seeing the movie. Nope nope nope. Nada.

It’s not that Moyes is a bad writer – no, I will give her props – her writing is good. I just don’t like all the stories she tells.

Meanwhile, I came across this video today, in a post by Ellen Stumbo about the movie – and it was so much of everything, so necessary for me to share, that I’m giving the gal her own spot. So please, listen to Annie Elainey and what she has to say from an actually disabled person’s point of view.

Because we need to listen to the people who are actually disabled.