Music Monday – Retro Flashback

I’ve established that I’m “Old”. Well, by other people’s standards. I’m not sure who those people are even, but I dare not call them fetuses because that’s offensive and ageism.


Usually when I do a Music Monday, it’s with my latest musical crush, some great song I’ve found and have played 4000 times already because I’m the type who has to memorize the song and sing along with it and do all the harmonies (I’m a rock star in my car…or at least auditioning for The Voice or something like that.)

But my new tiny car came with Sirius satellite radio, and there’s an 80’s station and a First Wave station and suddenly I get to hear the songs of my misspent youth.

You want to see me on a chair dancing? Turn on some Depeche Mode.

True story – I went to see them in the summer of 1990. My friend was a huge fan who had an extra ticket. I wasn’t sure about going but then went and realized I knew half the play list (hey, I was a poor teen who didn’t have money to buy every album, and this was before the Internet. If you wanted music, you either bought it, or prayed to the radio guys that the dj wouldn’t talk over the fecking song.)

So I saw Depeche Mode, desperately wanted a concert tee, but couldn’t afford it. I then went off to college the next month, to an uber-Catholic conservative campus.

Someone asked me if I listened to secular music. I responded with “Is that like alternative? Because I love alternative music!”

Yeah…turns out secular music is “not Christian music”. So in a way, yes. But the person asking me didn’t listen to secular music.

However, I spotted a girl with a Depeche Mode concert tee and yelled out “OMG YOU KNOW DEPECHE MODE DID YOU GO TO THE CONCERT?”

And she was all “OMG, no, I couldn’t afford it, so I had my friend buy me a shirt!” and I was all “I wanted the shirt but couldn’t afford it because I went to the concert.”

And a friendship was born.

I still want a Depeche Mode concert tee from 1990. Josh and I were discussing this (because apparently, men over 40 aren’t supposed to wear concert tees and I’m like “That’s not fair, we can finally afford them!” and then we decided that bands should restock old concert tees so we can finally buy them. Can someone get on that?)

Anyway, now for a song. A song that was highly disapproved of on campus. I can understand why, but doesn’t mean it wasn’t played at parties off campus where I stomped around in my $5 fake Doc Martens and overalls. Because I wore overalls. And flannel. It was 1990.